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Winding Trails Christmas Open House

John Javaruski

Posted By: John Javaruski
December 07, 2014
Community Service

Lou Rossitto and his team of Santa’s helpers pulled out all the stops to make this an enjoyable day for the kids. Exchange members were seen decorating the night before and were out early that morning making snow to cover the area. It was a total team effort. Skip Mason and Jerry Pagano came prepared with their own beards to fill in for Santa during his breaks.

Mike Gurski was instrumental in developing the proper recipe for hot chocolate: hot water and as many cans of mix that could fit in the jug. Dave Gallo and Dave Ruigh were able to pass out the donut holes while keeping the volunteers from eating them all before the crowds arrived. Thanks to Brian Gibbons at Highland Park Market for donating the hot chocolate and spare goods for the event. And thank you to Gino Moncada for getting donuts donated from The Whole Donut and Dunkin’ Donuts (we had 1,000 in total). Crowd was estimated by Scott Brown at about 900. We collected about $240 in donations from grateful parents. Also thanks to the scouts from Troop 68 who skillfully handed out hot chocolate.

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