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CRAFTBEER and Winetasting Event

John Javaruski

Posted By: John Javaruski
October 08, 2014

Over 105 people attended our CRAFTBEER and Winetasting Event at Farmington Gardens. The beer was great and the food was superb! Thanks to Phil Chabot for donating the use of Farmington Gardens, and to Aaron Engel for running a great event.

Even though Gino and Donna Moncada were unable to attend due to their planned trip to Germany et al., They were with us IN SPIRIT, as seen in this facebook photo. Looks like they were having fun, too. Also shown is the evening’s menu, for those of you unable to attend. Great job on the food , Phil!!

  • ...and the result.
  • Gino and Donna Moncada were with us IN SPIRIT!
  • The DELICIOUS menu.

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