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Annual Gutter Bowl

John Javaruski

Posted By: John Javaruski
January 08, 2015
General Meeting

This year, Chairman Pat Scully presided over a heated competition, with the likes of winners Jon Landry, Phil Chabot, Mark Blore and Chris Forster squaring off against runners- up Gino Moncada, Bill Beckert, Pat Scully, and Larry Golfin for the coveted trophy.

The final match came down to the final frame and they were counting pins, biting nails and biting each other. Phil Chabot has the Bowling Pin trophy displayed in the bar area of his venue. Winners got gift cards to Waxy O’Connors along with Green Jackets.

A good turnout—most importantly as it included a lot of new names to the match. The Devoe and Ziebka kings stepped aside and the new era/chapter has begun (We hope they haven’t given up the game???).

  • The champs!
  • Second place is only the first loser.
  • Kevin, Carole, Jessica, Steve
  • Ed, Mike, Loy, Sean

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