​Fundraising is the lifeblood of our organization. Each year we give tens of thousands of dollars directly back to our Farmington community. Below are descriptions of a few of our key fundraisers.

Do you have an idea for a fundraiser or would you like to work with us on one of ours? If so, please contact us! As always, thank you for your support.

Exchange Club Phone Directory

​Our Exchange Club Phone Book is one of our biggest fundraisers of the year. Look for the latest edition around spring. Please Contact Us if you are interested in advertising or if you simply need one delivered to your door!

  • Exchange Club Phone Directory
  • Full White Pages section covering all of Farmington
  • Advertise your business in our Yellow Pages section

Comedy Night

​Our second biggest fundraiser of the year is our annual comedy night. Come join us for a fun and entertaining evening full of laughs. We auction off great prizes and all proceeds go to our local charities and the prevention of child abuse. This event is usually held around March.

  • Great Comics!
  • Invite your friends out for an evening of laughs.
  • Will you heckle, or be heckled??

Wine and Beer Tasting

​The Exchange Club of Farmington held its first annual Craft Beer Tasting and Pairing. The beer was great and the food was superb! Look for this new annual tradition in the fall.

  • 1st Annual Craft Beer Tasting at Farmington Gardens
  • 2 Roads Brewery Beer-Pairing Event
  • Members of the event committee

Benefit Basketball Game

The West Woods Upper Elementary teachers take on the Fire Department, the Police Department, the IAR teachers, or any other ‘victim’ to raise money for our great causes. A good time is had and hundreds of 5th and 6th graders turn out to root their teachers on, eat pizza, drink soda, and just have fun. Look for this event late winter or early spring!

  • Working the event
  • The competition can get fierce!
  • We go through a LOT of pizza

Christmas Wreath Sales

The weekend after Thanksgiving you will find the Exchange Club of Farmington selling Christmas Wreaths at The Gallery Salon on Rt. 4. Come purchase a wreath to help support our causes! We may even offer you a dog or sausage fresh off the grill (we use the grill to keep warm!!).

  • Fun for all ages!
  • Getting the job done.
  • Gino manning the grill and keeping warm!

Car Wash Tickets

You can purchase a $10.00 car wash ticket from any Exchange Club Member or by using this online form. Tickets purchased online will be mailed to your billing address and a portion of the proceeds will go towards our charities.

BONUS: Buy 9 and get 1 FREE!

Tickets are redeemable at:

The Water Works Car Wash (Rt 6)

The Farmington Car Wash (Rt 4)

And of course, a big THANK YOU to The Water Works Car Wash and The Farmington Car Wash for your ongoing generosity.

  • Redeemable at both Farmington Car Wash and Water Works Car Wash

Exchange in our community