2016 Firefighter of the Year

Gary Petersen

Gary Petersen has served the Town of Farmington for over 41 years starting as a volunteer fire fighter at the East Farmington VFD in 1974. In 1984 he was hired as a career fire fighter where he served 31 years before retiring on December 31, 2015. Although he retired as a career fire fighter, Gary did not lose his passion for helping others and serving his community as he immediately returned to the volunteer ranks playing an instrumental role in extricating a person trapped in an overturned vehicle less than 12 hours after his retirement! Today, he remains active as a volunteer where he has recently been elected as Captain. Gary is well respected by his peers previously serving as Union Treasurer, Secretary and Vice President and Volunteer Lieutenant, Captain, Deputy Chief and Assistant Chief. He has earned a reputation for being a very competent, as well as compassionate, fire fighter and emergency medical technician.

In addition to his work on the fire ground, Gary has proven to be a leader off of the fire ground as well. For the past several years, Gary has voluntarily taken on the role of being a mentor to an aspiring high school student who has interests in becoming a fire fighter. The student would “shadow” Gary with Gary teaching him the duties and responsibilities of a fire fighter. The program was an instant success all because of the personal attention provided by Gary. During his time being employed by the Town of Farmington, Gary played an instrumental role in the not so glorious behind the scenes tasks where he headed up all of the maintenance for the fire departments apparatus fleet, coordinated the annual hose testing, pump testing and hydraulic tool maintenance. Currently he is championing a committee that is providing recommendations to initiate fire station building improvements to meet our currents needs. He also serves as the Departments’ Coordinator for communication and personal protective equipment.

Gary is an integral and well-rounded veteran member of the Towns Fire Services. He is deserving of the prestigious recognition as the 2016 Town of Farmington Firefighter of the Year.

2015 Firefighter of the Year

1st Lieutenant Sam Knee

Tunxis Hose Co. No. 1 is proud to nominate 1st Lieutenant Sam Knee as the firefighter of the year for the Town of Farmington.

Lieutenant Knee joined Tunxis Hose Co. No. 1 in December of 2008 and signed the constitution as a regular member August 17, 2009.

Lieutenant Knee has accomplished a great deal at Tunxis Hose since joining. He completed his FFI, Hazmat/WMD awareness/Operational in May of 2009. He went on to complete his FFII, Emergency Medical Technician certification and most recently, his Fire Instructor certification.

Lt. Knee has also been instrumental as a committee chair for our annual golf tournament fundraiser and our annual fun golf for our retired veteran members.

We at Tunxis Hose applaud Lieutenant Sam Knee for his dedicated years of service to Tunxis Hose Co. No. 1. We are proud to submit Lieutenant Sam Knee as our 2014 Firefighter of the Year.

2014 Firefighter of the Year

Past Chief Timothy Vibert

Tim joined the Farmington Volunteer Fire Department in 1978. Tim was a very active firefighter and became a Lieutenant in 1983. After 2 years as a Lieutenant, Tim began his 29 year tenure as a Chief Officer, becoming a Deputy Chief in 1985.

In that year, Tim served on the committee to purchase a new Pierce Arrow Engine, which would serve the town for almost 25 years. In 1987, Tim became Assistant Chief, a position he would hold for 19 years. During his time as Assistant Chief, Tim would chair several apparatus committees, refurbishing a Ladder, and purchasing 3 new Engines, a new Ladder, a new Medical truck and a new Brush truck. Tim also served on the Town Building committee, renovating the Farmington Firehouse and rebuilding the Oakland Gardens Firehouse.

In 2006, Tim became Chief of the Department, and retiring as an Officer this past January. Tim has many qualities that make him an excellent Fire Chief, the biggest of which is his compassion. Tim is always willing to help a fellow firefighter in need and the public we serve. When Tim walks into the firehouse, he greets and shakes the hand of every firefighter in the room, asking them how they are doing, making sure nothing is wrong. Even though Tim retired as an Officer, he remains active in the department responding to calls and giving his knowledge to the members of the department.

2013 Firefighter of the Year

Kevin Moriarty

The nominee for Town of Farmington Fire Fighter of the Year is a young aspiring individual. A relative newcomer to the fire service, he is a quiet, soft spoken, well mannered, adolescent looking to help out. Since joining in November, 2010, he has successfully completed FFI, FFII, EMTB, Hazardous Materials Operational, Rescue Core, Strategy & Tactics, Basic Extrication, Elevator Emergencies, Basic Pump Operation, State Pump Operator Class, Water shuttle Operations, Fire Engine Operations, Standpipe Operations, obtained his 2Q license and has become a qualified pump operator. He is one of the fire departments top responders and can be found on the scene of many of the most serious calls this past year including being put to the test as the apparatus operator of a MVA with entrapment this past summer. Although he is still considered a novice, his skills are strong; he is extremely competent and handles all situations like a veteran. He is the backbone of our response and is a fixture at the station. He stays away from controversy, is trustworthy and reliable, all traits that you can only find in the best of the best.

In addition to training and fire ground activities, this FF has assumed many responsibilities at the station including PPE Manager, Accountability Coordinator, Cadet Advisor and most recently he was appointed as a Lieutenant. He is respected by all and serves as a role model to both existing and future fire fighters.

The most amazing trait of this individual is personal demeanor. Always very quiet and calm, he serves above all in his role as a leader, a teacher, and a team member. His contributions at the scene are invaluable. He is one who would never give himself the credit that he deserves although he is an individual who exemplifies the character, commitment, and compassion that are the hallmarks of the firefighter profession. Anyone who has ever seen him wear a Fire Fighters Uniform could only gaze with envy.

It goes without saying or hesitation that we are extremely proud to nominate Lieutenant Kevin Moriarty of the East Farmington Volunteer Fire Department, Inc. as the next Town of Farmington Firefighter of the Year.

2012 Firefighter of the Year

Patrick and Michael Vibert

The Town of Farmington Fire Department was dispatched to a report of a fire at 47 Grandview Drive, Apartment C at approximately 2:30pm on Wednesday, September 7, 2011.

Volunteer Fire Fighter Lieutenant Patrick Vibert and his brother Michael, an Off-Duty Career Fire fighter for the Town of Farmington, happened to be driving by the address of the reported fire when they heard the fire department being dispatched to their location.

Patrick immediately radioed to the dispatchers that there was smoke and fire visible from the apartment. The brothers did not know whether there was anyone in the apartment.

Michael tried to open both the front and back doors to the building and found them locked. Just as Assistant Fire Chief Jeffrey Hogan arrived at the scene, fire broke out of the kitchen window. The fire fighters could then hear a woman yelling from the window next to the fire for the fire fighters to “Put the fire out.”

Michael used Chief Hogan’s trailer hitch receiver to smash a windowpane in the door. He then reached in and opened the door. The hallway was full of smoke. Michael went up the stairs and located the 60-year old woman who lived in the apartment. He brought her down the stairs where Patrick met him and the two brothers helped the woman out to sidewalk where Michael provided emergency medical care to the badly burned victim. The University of Connecticut Health Center Paramedics and American Medical Response Ambulance transported the victim to Hartford Hospital.

Tunxis Hose Engine 5 was the first fire apparatus to arrive on scene. At the direction of Incident Commander Chief Hogan, the crew of fire fighters quickly reached the seat of the fire and were able to simultaneously extinguish the fire and commence a search of the apartment to determine if there were

any other occupants. The search revealed that there was no one else in the apartment.

Fire Fighting is a family affair for the Vibert brothers. Their father Tim is the Chief of the Farmington Volunteer Fire Department. “I am very proud of what they did,” Chief Vibert said. “They have been able to learn a lot from their years of hanging around the firehouse and it all paid off yesterday. All of their hard worked help make a difference.”

2011 Firefighter of the Year

Captain Todd Jensen

Todd is an integral part of our Fire Department. He has variously organized and managed the Farmington Fire Station’s medical and training programs for many years. Todd first professionalized the department’s medical program designing an accountability and quality control system for patient care reporting. He then built out a consistent and on line program for detailing the training of all firefighters and EMTs in our department insuring that our first responders are properly trained and have every opportunity to secure requisite training.

Todd also built relationships with our Medical Control provider ensuring a close connection with our ALS services and patient feedback for first responders ensuring quality control and good continuity of care. He has truly modernized our program and implemented best practice.

Todd has worked tirelessly with Chief Officers to help design a training program that is relevant to our volunteers. He goes out of his way to secure trainers who provide the most up to date information for our firefighters and EMTs. He is also an excellent trainer himself and has gone out of his way to secure additional certifications through the fire academy and other vendor based trainers. Todd worked with 2 other officers to update our entire training documentation program and has inputted all department training to a central database.

In addition to these measures, Todd is one of our most aggressive responders to fire, rescue and medical calls. He provides excellent care to patients and is a terrific leader who we want our other firefighters to emulate. Todd truly models what the ideal firefighter represents. We are lucky to have him as a member of the fire service in the Town of Farmington.

2010 Firefighter of the Year

Assistant Fire Chief Richard Higley, Sr.

Rich has spent most of his life in the fire service having served in the Simsbury Fire Department and the Burlington Fire Department (where he held the rank of Chief) before joining Tunxis Hose 10 years ago. Upon joining Tunxis Hose Rich make an immediate impact on the growth and response of the newly built Southwest Fire Station.

During his tenure with Tunxis Hose Rich has held the ranks of Captain, Deputy Chief and his current rank of Assistant Chief. In 2009 Rich was presented with awards for his service at several calls and was given their top responder award.

In 2009, Rich was selected to lead the committee to replace the aging Medic 16 at Tunxis Station. Rich was meticulous in the design and functionality of the vehicle which went into service in April of this year. The new Medic 16 has vastly improved the fire department’s ability to carry equipment to the scenes of medical and rescue calls as well as the need to tow the gator and water rescue trailer.

For more than five years Rich has led the Fire Department committee that has worked towards the goal of building a Live Fire training facility in town. Rich has spent many hours working on the building and site design to ensure that the facility will meet the fire department’s needs. Rich has used both his contacts in the Fire Service as well as his professional contacts to secure donations for the site and engineering work on the building plans. This project has spanned years and faced many hurdles. Each time the fire department has reached a roadblock, Rich has worked tirelessly to overcome that roadblock and move the project forward. When this live fire training facility finally becomes a reality in the Town of Farmington, it will be a direct result of Rich’s diligence and perseverance.

The fire service is often referred to a family due to the time that fire fighters spend together. For Rich, the reference is more literal as his sons Richard, Jr. and Zachary have followed in his footsteps as members of Tunxis Hose.

Through his response to emergencies, his commitment to training, and his dedication to the community, Richard Higley, Sr. has helped to set the standard for the high quality service and care that the residents of the Town of Farmington have come to expect from their Fire Department.

2009 Firefighter of the Year

Raymond “Rick” Bouchard

Chief Bouchard has been involved in the fire service for over 32 years. He has held many positions during this time including Lieutenant, Captain, Assistant Chief and finally as Chief of Tunxis Hose Company #1, a position he held for over 6 years ending in 2008. Although he accomplished many things throughout the years, his accomplishments as Chief and his years of dedicated service make him our candidate for firefighter of the year.

Chief Bouchard led the department very difficult and challenging times, and made the members stand up once again and take pride in belonging to Tunxis Hose Co. No. 1. He led by example by never asking a member to do something he wouldn’t or couldn’t do himself. The perseverance he showed to keep the Carnival and fireworks alive in Unionville by approaching businesses and elected officials for funding is only one example of his commitment. This was not just for the fire department; Chief Bouchard truly believes in the town and understands the significance in bringing the town together for this annual celebration.

Chief Bouchard was instrumental in getting the department behind the Relay For Life by supporting a team and rallying firefighters to cook breakfast for all of the Relay For Life attendees at the end their 24-hour walk. A cancer survivor himself, he understands first hand the support that is needed for those that have survived or been lost to cancer. This tradition has now carried on for several years.

During Chief Bouchard’s term we developed the specifications and took delivery of a state of the art Engine Tanker that replaced one that was 30 years old. This piece of equipment serves two roles, one as a first line pumper and secondly as a water tanker. It can carry 8 firefighters and is class B and Class A foam capable.

While most members with this many years of service and after serving as Chief would typically step down and take a back seat role, Chief Rick Bouchard has not. He continues to respond to fire and EMS calls and still is one of our top responders attending over 60% of calls.

2008 Firefighter of the Year

Assistant Chief Donald Antigiovanni

Don has been a member of the Farmington Volunteer Fire Department for 39 years, including serving as Chief for 20 years, and presently serves as Assistant Chief. He has actively contributed to most every aspect of the department, from training, to responding to calls, to managing the business aspects of the volunteer fire company.

Don is certified to the level of Fire Fighter II, has completed Hazardous Materials Technician Training, and levels 100, 200, 300, 400, 700 and 800 of the National Incident Management System Training. Don is his station’s top responder and has held this distinction for many years running. His dedication is legendary. For these reasons, and many more, Don Antigiovanni is the 2008 Town of Farmington Fire Fighter of the Year.

2007 Firefighter of the Year

Matthew Olshefski

Matthew Olshefski has been selected as the 2007 Town of Farmington Fire Fighter of the Year for his many acts of kindness, which are the epitome of what a fire fighter represents.

Matt went to Mississippi in 2005 to donate a kidney to his brother who was suffering from kidney failure. This was a complicated surgery, but following a long recovery period, both Matt and his brother recovered fully. It was soon after Matt returned to Connecticut that Hurricane Katrina devastated the Gulf Coast. Having become attached to the area during his recent stay there, Matt asked the membership of the East Farmington Volunteer Fire Department, Inc. to adopt the Fontainebleau Volunteer Fire Department as a sister department to East Farms. The Membership readily agreed.

Since that time, Matt has repeatedly secured donations for Fontainebleau to help them celebrate the holidays in both 2005 and 2006 and has also orchestrated the donation of equipment, supplies and money to assist the department rebuilding itself.

Chief Michael Belton of Fontainebleau sent a heartfelt letter thanking Matt that read, in part, that Matt “has been a most wonderful ambassador for not only East Farms Fire but also for the citizens of your area…....His sincere expression of concern on behalf of your department has been heartwarming.”

Matt is truly deserving of being named as the 2007 Town of Farmington Fire Fighter of the Year.

2006 Firefighter of the Year

Michael Lusitani

Michael is very active in both training and response to emergencies. Since he joined in 2003, he has taken on his education as a firefighter seriously. He has been certified as a firefighter I and a State of Connecticut EMT. He has attended numerous other State courses including Flashover Survival training.

Mike takes on a number of duties at the fire station. He is currently an Engineer for Ladder 1, during weekly checks on the apparatus to ensure the equipment is working and ready to operate when needed. Mike can be found making minor repairs to apparatus and, as needed, at Farmington and Oakland Gardens firehouses.

He takes on active roles as House Captain for Farmington Station as well as numerous other committees in the department. Mike recently became the Cadet Advisor for Farmington Station, helping to train the cadets in becoming future Town of Farmington Firefighters. He is a positive role model for this young men and women.

Mike’s technical knowledge is fantastic. He has a level of maturity and professionalism on the fire ground that is surpassed by few, From a simple lift assist to the most serious of fires, Mike can be counted on to maintain a calm, professional attitude, He is a natural leader He is an aggressive and assertive firefighter, a true asset to any department. Mike is a firefighter officers welcome on board the apparatus for any call. He takes an active rule in drills, often times assisting those who arc struggling or are unsure of what to do, Be is an asset to the Training Department, often times giving up free timeto help set up drills and other activities,

Mike is also cleared on all apparatus in Farmington and Oakland Gardens fire stations, He is a professional and safe driver. Each crew member knows they will arrive at the scene, and return to the station, safely. Mike’s knowledge of the apparatus is excellent, lie is aware of’ the location of each piece of equipment on board, and aware of its condition and use,

Michael has received the following awards in his time with the Farmington Volunteer Fire Department:

-Rookie of the Year, 2004
-Chiefs Award, 2005

Michael is an excellent candidate for the Town of Farmington Firefighter of the Year. He has proven himself time and again both on the lire ground and at the firehouse. He is a firefighter we need more of and should be truly proud of having in our department.

2005 Firefighter of the Year

Retired Chief John R. Nelson

Jack Nelson exemplifies the meaning of volunteer. As a volunteer with the East Farmington Volunteer Fire Department for over 30 years, he has held multiple social and line officer positions culminating his career as Chief of the Department for the past ten (10) years before retiring at the end of October, 2004.

Jack knows the true meaning of sacrifice. In the past year, he responded to 50% of his stations’ fire calls, 40% of the medical calls and attended greater than 50% of it’s drills. In addition, as Chief he has directed numerous officer meetings, attended countless staff meetings as a member of the Board of Fire Chiefs, and endured endless town council meetings. His work ethic is second to none. He was often found in his office at the fire station as early as 4:00 am each and every Saturday and Sunday morning attending to paperwork and administrative items.

One of his highlights as Chief was to see through the completion of the building addition and remodeling of the East Farms Fire Station. With much persistence he worked to see that the station received the upgrades and renovations it needed, positioning the department for the future. He also is credited with guiding the department through the successful acquisition of a new state of the art Engine – Tanker, replacing a 1979 engine that had seen better days.

Jacks’ dedication, desire, and compassion as Chief of the Department were often tested. There were often many obstacles, differences of opinion or just plain lack of funding to overcome. Thankfully, Jack had vision and persevered in what he believed was right for the department and the community no matter how much anyone wanted to deny him. It is probably that characteristic that has earned Jack the admiration as a distinguished leader of the East Farmington Volunteer Fire Department.

The respect and admiration for this individual extends much further than those around him in the Fire Department. As a life long resident of Farmington, he is well known in the community and has been given the nickname of “Mayor.” Many neighborhood residents look for a moment of time to share with Jack to “pick” his mind about the latest community events or get words of wisdom. He is often seen pulled over to the side of the road in his pickup truck chatting with neighbors. It is not often that he is able to drive straight home from a fire call as there is always someone along the route that wants to stop him to say hello. Jack is also a very humble family man. As a husband, father of three and grandfather of two, he will tell you that he enjoys spending time with his family. In particular, you can find him on the weekends at the soccer fields watching and encouraging his six-year-old grandson playing soccer or with his wife at Uncle Sam’s Restaurant on Saturday evenings enjoying a good serving of fresh onion rings.

It is evident that this volunteer citizen has gone far beyond the call of duty in serving the Farmington Community. He is a very well respected individual whom is nothing less than a role model for anyone wishing to volunteer. It is only fitting that Past Chief John R. Nelson of the East Farmington Volunteer Fire Department be named the 2005 Town of Farmington Firefighter of the Year.

2004 Firefighter of the Year

Brian Hunter Jr.

During 2004, Brian assumed command of several serious fire, medical and rescue emergencies. In each case, Brian’s ability to think on his feet and calmly manage multiple resources allowed him to direct the fire department to safely and efficiently control the situation.

Brian has proven to be a leader off of the fire ground as well. This year, Brian stepped forward and chaired the committee for his station’s new Pumper Tanker. As a direct result of Brian’s work, the Town has just placed an order for a state of the art pumper tanker that meets the needs of the community and was priced under budget. Brian was also the Chairman of the Annual Tunxis Hose Company #1 Pasta Dinner, he’s a member of the Tunxis Hose Company #1 House and Membership Committees, and he coordinated the effort for the purchase of the new Amkus Rescue Tool for the Southwest Fire Station.

Through his response to emergencies, his commitment to training, and his dedication to the community, Brian Hunter Jr. has helped to set the standard for the high quality service and care that the residents of the Town of Farmington have come to expect from their Fire Department.

2003 Firefighter of the Year

Anthony Flamio

Anthony Flamio has served the Town of Farmington for 21 years as a volunteer fire fighter and volunteer fire Chief, and, for the last 9 years, as a Career Fire Fighter. During this time, Tony has earned a reputation for being a very competent, as well as compassionate, fire fighter and emergency medical technician.

Tony is very supportive of his fellow fire fighters. As a Fire Service Instructor, he understands the value of education. Tony consistently prepares and delivers classes that assist his fellow fire fighters in developing their skills. In addition, he has voluntarily taken on the role of mentor to one of the Town’s fire cadets who is completing an internship program for which he will receive credit from the high school. Tony is also a friend of the Volunteer Fire Companies, and has assisted with their carnivals, pancake breakfasts, and golf tournaments.

In addition to his work on the fire ground, Tony has proven to be a leader off of the fire ground as well. This year, Tony stepped forward and voluntarily assumed the responsibility of Clerk of the Works to oversee the final phase of 5-year construction project at the Farmington Fire Station. Under Tony’s supervision, the Farmington Fire Station project was completed on time and under budget.

Tony has also played an instrumental role in improving the services that are offered by the Town of Farmington Fire Department. Tony helped to secure the many of the donations that were used to purchase the Town’s five Thermal Imaging Cameras and also secured most of the funding for the new Town of Farmington Fire Department Fire Safety Trailer which will be delivered later this month.

2002 Firefighter of the Year

Bonnie F. Sudell

Bonnie is an active member of our department and is the first female volunteer firefighter in the history of the town, breaking cultural barriers more than 20 years ago. Bonnie has held the office of Treasurer for over 20 years and is an active participant in fundraisers and social events.

Bonnie has obtained numerous certifications in order to provide a higher level of service to the community and to train others in accord with our firefighting and EMS responsibilities. Certificates awarded by the CT Fire Academy and the National Firefighters Professional Qualifications Board include Fire Service Officer, Fire Service Instructor II, Fire Service Safety Officer, and Hazardous Materials Operational Trainer.

Bonnie has attained certification from the CT DPH, Office of Emergency Medical Services as an Emergency Medical Services Instructor. She is a CPR Professional Rescuer Instructor through the American Heart Association. Bonnie is a certified Bloodborne Pathogens and TB Awareness Instructor.

Bonnie gives of her time without asking and conducts in-service sessions and drills throughout the year, including annual Hazmat Operational and Hazmat Operational refresher classes, annual CPR certification and re-certification classes, annual Bloodborne Pathogens and TB training, and has conducted several Firefighter I and II certification classes.

Bonnie is an instructor at CCSU for their annual EMT and annual EMT re-certification classes and has participated in EMT refresher classes conducted in town.

During her career with East Farms, Bonnie received the following awards: 1987 Petersen Award; 1988, 1989 and 1991 Achievement Awards; 1991, 1995 Best Use of Technical Skills Awards; 1999 Top EMS Responder of the Year; 1999 Millennium Award; 2001 Firefighter of the Year Award.

Bonnie continues to serve as an active firefighter and EMT and is an outstanding role model for young women in the community.

2001 Firefighter of the Year

Captain Mike Jozwik

Mike serves the Town of Farmington as an active Fire Fighter / Emergency Medical Technician, Fire Officer, Fire Instructor, and Cadet Coordinator. He has been a member of our Department for 11 years and was a Fire Cadet prior to being appointed as a Fire Fighter.

As the Captain of Training for the Farmington Fire Station, Mike manages all of the fire, medical, and rescue training for his station and serves on the Townwide Training Committee to assist with the coordination of training for all of the fire fighters in the Town of Farmington. Mike is always available to help when needed, and was most recently instrumental in preparations to put the town’s new Ladder Truck into Service. Mike assisted in creating Standard Operating Guidelines regarding the operation of the truck and worked to ensure that the training for all operators was consistent.

As the Coordinator for the Town of Farmington Fire Cadet Program, Mike spends countless hours working with those members that are the future of the Town of Farmington Fire Department. Under Mike’s supervision, the Cadets have had many successful training classes, fund raisers, field trips and competitions. The cadets have just completed the restoration of a hand drawn hose cart and have already won trophies in a number of recent parades. 50% of the Fire Cadets have gone on to become Volunteer Fire Fighters for the Town of Farmington.

Mike Jozwik is a great asset to the Town of Farmington Fire Department. Through his response to emergencies, his commitment to training, and his dedication to the Fire Cadet Program, he has helped to set the standard for the high quality service and care that the residents of the Town of Farmington have come to expect from their Fire Department.

2000 Firefighter of the Year

Captain Patrick Royce

Captain Patrick Royce has truly earned the 2000 Town of Farmington Fire Fighter of the Year Award. During the past year, he responded to 51% of the East Farmington Fire Stations’ fire calls and 40% of the medical calls. He began the year serving in East Farmington as a lieutenant and earned significant respect from his membership, such that he was elected to the position of Captain. In doing that, he served as the apparatus Captain, lead drivers’ training instructor, assistant medical officer, and has been appointed by his Station Chief as the Chairman of the Apparatus Replacement Committee. As such, he has spent considerable hours traveling from town to town inspecting and reviewing similar apparatus, preparing a general apparatus specification fact sheet and preliminary budget pricing.

Pat is very knowledgeable of all the newest fire service equipment, supplies and technology. His knowledge and expertise were quite evident while serving on the Town of Farmington Thermal Imaging Camera acquisition committee. In addition, the Station Chief often consults him for recommendations concerning technical equipment purchases.

In addition to his contributions on and around the fire ground, Pat is also active socially serving as Chairman of the East Farmington Volunteer Fire Department Golf Tournament. As Tournament Chairman, he spent countless hours organizing committee meetings, soliciting patron donations, gathering door prizes, printing advertisements and coordinating golfers tee times.

Pat’s leadership capabilities were most recently displayed during a severe thunderstorm that moved through town on June 11th overwhelmed by the volume of emergency calls caused by the storm, so a temporary fire dispatch center was organized at the Farmington Fire Station. Pat served as the lead

dispatcher that afternoon, dispatching all the towns’ apparatus to more that 50 emergency calls in 4 hours. His competent management of multiple emergency situations was an essential component in the Fire Department’s ability to provide fire and medical services throughout the town that day.

1999 Firefighter of the Year

Chris Scott

Chris is currently Captain and Training Officer for the Farmington Fire Station. He has served as a volunteer fire fighter in town for eight years, and during this time has earned many certifications, including Emergency Medical Technician. Chris is credited by his Chief with being instrumental in the implementation of the new daytime training program and with being a mentor to many of the town’s newer fire fighters.

The 1998 Farmington Fire Station Awards Committee described Chris in this way when presenting him with the station’s highest honor, the Chiefs Award:

“This fire fighter is loyal, dedicated, and performs his duties in an excellent manner. His response is above average…He works on many committees and projects when needed. He is very active, attends many drills, meetings, and accepts responsibility in an aggressive manner. He has worked many serious fires and other emergencies involving medical and rescue. He serves as an active fire fighter and a company officer. He is a pleasure to work with.”

Exchange in our community